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COVID-19 Slowing Down Business? Speed It Up with 242 SEO.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Open Store
Stay Open for Business - Sell Online

The COVID-19 virus has pushed the Pause and Stop buttons on many businesses, but that does not have to be that. You can still continue to sell your products and services, but sell them online.

242 SEO can get your business online with the creation of a website built complete with Search Engine Optimization, online store, and point of sale. Whether your business has a website or not, we can develop one for you so your company can sell your products and services online. We can build a Search Engine Optimized website for you with an online store, or we can add the necessary components to update your current website including online point of sale.

We offer advertising and social media management to promote your website and get more traffic and customers. We can also provide you with statistical reports so you know who your online customers are, how they are coming to your website, how the advertising campaigns are performing, and more.

Inquire today so we can get your products and services online so your company can continue to make sales and keep your customers happy and informed on your business. Email or inquire through our contact form.

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