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Got WiFi Routers? Reset Them, FBI Strongly Suggests

Recently the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) told American's that they had better update their WiFi routers since they became aware of a virus that has been spreading and infecting peoples WiFi Routers.

WiFi Router Reset
Reset Your WiFi Router for Security's Sake

The FBI says that the virus originated from Russia and that the programmers are stealing your information and locking people out of their computers. In order to enable your WiFi Router to be able to stop the virus and get new updates you should reset your WiFi Router.

Simply turn off the device via the on/off switch and unplug the power cable. Count to 30 seconds and plug the power cord back into the device and switch the power back on. This simple reset should keep this new virus from infecting your WiFi Router and your computer.

If BPL (Bahamas Power & Light, formally BEC Bahamas Electricity Corporation) already turned your power off, you probably don't need to worry about this, seeing that they already reset your WiFi Router. (Laughing out loud, but crying inside). Thanks BPL. You are always thinking of us, the Bahamian people.

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